• Country: Germany
  • Sector: Food retail
  • Number of stores: approximately 4100 stores
  • Number of stores installed: more than 100
  • Start of installation: 2013



The Edeka Group is the largest German supermarket corporation holding a market share of 26%. It consists today of several cooperatives of independent supermarkets all operating under the umbrella organisation Edeka Zentrale AG & Co KG, with headquarters in Hamburg. There are approximately 4,100 stores with the Edeka nameplate that range from small corner stores to hypermarkets. In 2013, EDEKA started to switch to ESL in some selected stores to test the positive impact on their business.



Today more than 20 000 G1 retail labels of different sizes are installed in each of the 100 stores. Equipped with a black cover frame, the labels fit seamlessly into the store design and underline the high-quality image that EDEKA stands for.


Future Outlook

In the meantime, EDEKA rolled out the ESL solution in more than 100 stores having also red labels in use.