SES-imagotag veröffentlicht Rekordzahlen für 2015

Jahresumsatz für 2015 +39%

  • Q4 Umsatz von €35.8 Millionen (+57% im Vergleich zu Q4 2014)
  • Wirtschaftswachstum in Frankreich (+39%) und im Ausland (+73%)
  • Jahresumsatz von €113 Millionen (+39%)
  • Rekord bei jährlichen Auftragseingängen von €225 Millionen (+180%)
  • Store Electronic Systems wird zu “SES-imagotag”
  • weiterer dynamischer Wachstum für 2016 erwartet
Umsatz (€)FrankreichInternationalSumme
Q4 201410.812.022.8
Q4 201515.020.835.8
% Veränderung+39%+73%+57%
2014 Jahresumsatz41.639.681.2
2015 Jahresumsatz45.767.3113.0
% Veränderung+10%+70%+39%


CEO Thierry Gadou fasst zusammen:
“The end of 2015 also meant the completion of the i3 plan that aimed to establish SES as a global high-tech company. We are now the world leader in digital labeling solutions for retailers, with technology that lies at the very heart of the in-store digital transformation. International activity has increased fivefold since 2010 and now accounts for 60% of our sales. Thanks to our R&D investments and to the acquisition of imagotag, our technology is at the forefront of the sector. The Group is today changing its name to SES-imagotag in order to fully incorporate the DNA of our Austrian component, with whom technological, industrial and commercial synergies have been successfully implemented. From every point of view, this has been a highly value-creating acquisition for the Group. With the Leapfrog plan, we are entering a new phase in the structuring of our company that aims to accelerate our growth, in line with the requirements we foresee on this market. Changes can be expected on the international and industrial front: North America is a major priority for the coming years, and we will strengthen our presence there. Moreover, given the market’s potential, we are about to launch a vigorous industrial acceleration with a view to strengthening our leadership and preparing the production, with optimal competitiveness, of the high ESL volume expected over the coming years. I would like to thank all of our clients and partners for the trust they have placed in us, as well as the SES-imagotag teams who do remarkable work for them. A very happy New Year to you all!”