Price changes within seconds, custom designs easily implemented, location detection with a few clicks, event-based pricing and all important information for the customer. The fashionTAG brings all the advantages of electronic labeling and digital price tags to fashion retail. Bring important management data to your head office and sales-promoting information to your customers. 

Fits your design

  • Different sizes optimize the display of your necessary information and promotions
  • Custom design of information with the user friendly template designer 
  • A wide range of colors fits your corporate design perfectly
  • Sleek and thin design marries well with all apparel items - from bags to coats
  • Contact us to customize your fashionTAG

Synchronize online and offline

  • Fashion Shoppers love online - get the item you want, plus all information like available sizes, fit, videos and reviews. However, Brick-and-Mortar Stores have huge advantages: physical proximity, personal guidance and the possibility to touch and try your apparel of choice.
  • With fashionTAG, you can bring all relevant information from your online fashion stores and social media to physical retail!
  • NFC "Send me home" - customers can order their garment in-store via mobile phone and have it sent to a location of their choice
  • Leverage your online strength to promote sales offline

 Unified pricing online and offline

 Sizes, Reviews and more at one glance

 Authentication for loyalty programs

 NFC access to webservices with a simple tap

Optimize in-store processes

  • Enable price changes within seconds, no more manual, time-consuming price tagging
  • Location detection allows consitently accurate information on the fashionTAG - in the store or in your warehouse, the fashionTAG recognizes its location and automatically switches to the right information
  • Inventory at the touch if a button - always live and in real-time, without extensive counting and searching

More Features

  • Automatic location detection
  • Easy event-based pricing 
  • Individual colors available
  • Customizable, high quality E-Paper displays