Reinventing Retail


In a world where in-store and online shopping converge, and price, content, customer loyalty programs and means of payment synchronize, omnichannel solutions have become vital for anyone who wants to offer a seamless shopping experience between brands, stores and shoppers.

This is the strategic challenge of retail; in this new era of ubiquitous commerce, stores must offer an optimized service, blending the best of both worlds: the benefits of digital and the five-sense experience of in-store shopping. Physical stores have to become perfectly connected and ultra-efficient environments, where highly time-consuming tasks are automated, out-of-stocks always detected, and the purchase journey is made easy. Stores need to be reinvented to become interactive and perfectly synchronized with e-commerce. SES-imagotag creates innovative solutions for retailers to succeed in the digital transformation of physical commerce.

The Seamless Store enables true omnichannel, synchronised retail with electronic shelf labels and software

Store Efficiency

In the seamless store, everything is tracked and measured, from products on shelves to shopper traffic. This means that management tasks can be automated or managed remotely. Stores will be able to significantly reduce stock-outs, waste, operational costs and overstock. Stores will remain at the heart of retail in the future while focusing their space on innovation, discovery, advice, customer experience and service.

Shopper Engagement

On the Internet, getting a consumer to click on a page that displays a product brings in a wealth of information. The real-world equivalent, getting a shopper into the store and in front of a product, isn’t doing the same for physical retailers. This is going to change, quickly. If retailers digitize their gondolas, they will make each shelf an information and advertising platform and become large-scale precision broadcasters for brands. 

Pricing automation with Jeegy Software by SES-imagotag

Pricing automation


Enhance responsiveness, precision and quality by digitizing and automating price displays in the aisles with our digital price tags and Jeegy software.

With manual processes and paper price tags, employees are increasingly engrossed in managing label changes, that are becoming more and more frequent due to price competition (offline and online). Meanwhile, other, more important tasks are neglected and price errors proliferate with a myriad of negative consequences on customer satisfaction, complaints and government fines.

This irresistible increase of price change velocity is prompting more and more retailers around the world to digitize price displays and automate price updates with electronic shelf labels.


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Better pricing decisions with pricing intelligence software for digital price tags by SES-imagotag

Pricing intelligence


Make better daily pricing decisions for each store based on competition, stock and demand with Pulse & the Self Learning Bakery.

Each store has a specific context with regard to local market, local competition, temporary stock-outs and overstocks, etc. Pricing decisions must take into account this local or regional context each day to maximize the store’s sales and profitability. Analysis of internal and external data makes it possible to decide on shrewdly targeted price changes each day that are implemented rapidly and at no cost thanks to the smart digital tag solution.

This approach leads to improved margins and sales, while optimizing the price index.


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Click & Collect in Store easier than ever with ESLs and Geolocation

Click & Collect


Make Click & Collect productive and profitable.

Stores are the ultimate local service. In tomorrow’s omnichannel retail landscape, physical stores will form the ideal local logistics network for quick deliveries and order pick-ups. Click & Collect and home delivery from local stores are fast-growing services; the trend will expand quickly because these are the ultimate omnichannel services. The challenge is making Click & Collect productive and profitable.

Preparing a basket in the store (in-store picking) is a time-consuming activity whose productivity must be optimized.


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Store inventory and shelf availability optimized with electronic shelf labels and software solutions by SES-imagotag

Store inventory and on-shelf availability


Get accurate data on the shelf and stock status with TSO and Geolocation.

The number one rule of operations is to have accurate data on shelf and stock status at all times. The geolocation function built into SES-imagotag’s digital price tags makes it possible to check the exact location of each product and the number of facings at any time. Using the resulting real planograms (realograms), managers can optimize the value added of store personnel by enabling them to focus on restocking and tidying the sales floor.

The “Total Shopfloor Optimization” solution from SES-imagotag, identifies and pinpoints on a digital store map anomalies such as theoretical stocks with zero or negative values, insufficient sales coverage, too many or too few facings based on daily SKU sales, and decreasing sales per square foot.


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connect shoppers at the shelf with nfc in electronic shelf labels by SES-imagotag

Connect shoppers at the shelf


Give stores & shoppers access to even more information with Connect.

Physical stores are a rich source of contact and customer interactions. Each of these opportunities must be made the most of in the store and help retailers implement proactive omnichannel guidance of the customer relationship. However, this asset is vastly underutilized right now: consumers that enter retail outlets are rarely identified (unless they make a purchase and present their loyalty card). Furthermore, no information is captured about what they are looking for in the store, what category or product they viewed but didn’t purchase, and so on. This information is critical; retailers must transform their physical stores into connected interactive environments so they can better know, inform and serve their customers.

With Connect, all the digital product information is now available in-store effortlessly. Shoppers can access it on their smartphones, while the store owner can analyse their behaviors and the areas of interest.


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Enable easy access to in-store services with Storefront by SES-imagotag

Easy access to in-store services


Deliver premium service to customers with Storefront.

When shoppers arrive in store, they have access to free Wi-Fi. They can then access current deals and a full range of e-services available in the store: product search with geolocation to easily find what they are looking for, instant rich content (videos, consumer reviews, product comparison, nutritional information, etc.) via NFC tap or QR code scan on the digital tag, the saving of favorite products they are interested in, text messages telling them they can head to the check-out without waiting in line and even personalized discount coupons.


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Advertising & promotional labels


Have brands & retailers advertise together with Studio & AdShelf

Wireless interactive graphical displays speak directly to the consumer at the shelf, at the precise moment of purchase. Thanks to AdShelf, brands and retailers can now design, manage and deploy fully synchronized digital advertising campaigns in-store. This collaborative platform connected to electronic labels now makes it possible to relay a campaign at the point of sale with a single click.

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The “micro web page”


Display essential information.

Labels are no longer just a simple, passive mechanism for displaying prices. They play a much bigger role in giving information to customers. They are “micro web pages” that display essential omnichannel data like consumer ratings, in-store or online availability, related products and promotional information.

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Findbox helps customers to localize products easier than ever

Easy search, easy find


Take advantage of state of the art product recognition technology with Findbox.

Progressively customers are accustomed to the easy shopping offered by e-commerce. But in physical stores, they can lose their way while hunting for the right ink cartridge, special light bulb or suitable charging cable – and, in the worst case, buy nothing at all. Findbox makes searching for (and purchasing) products wonderfully easy.

The user-friendly display and attractive design draws customers in. Shoppers simply put the used product or its packaging into the Findbox. It automatically recognizes the product using a state-ofthe- art optical recognition technology – in just 3 seconds! As soon as Findbox recognizes the right product, the LED on the corresponding digital tag lights up. One glance and your customers have the product they’re looking for in hand – without any hunting, hesitation or wasted time.


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