Farmacia Niguarda

Country: Italy
Sector: Drugstore
Labels installed: G1 retail 2.7
Time of installation: 2015

Farmacia Niguarda

Farmacia Niguarda, an italian pharmacy business case

Farmacia Niguarda is an Italian pharmacy, that opened its store 1974 in Milan. In 2015 this innovative store decided to exchange the paper labels with electronic SES-imagotag G1 retail labels of two different sizes. Our partner Promelit in Italy delivered a dedicated management software based on the SES-imagotag core software.

As prices are managed centrally by the medicine supplier as immediate price changes have to be guaranteed. In addition the pharmacy needed a full integration of the solution into their existing account software.

The SES-imagotag solution has been integrated into the existing accounting software and connects to the Promelit ESL management software. The installation of the infrastructure and the labels was completed within one day without any impact on the daily business.

Farmacia Niguarda managed to increase sales with use of the promotion function and the items with special pricing offers generated almost twice the volume as usual.

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