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VUSION Cloud - Retail IoT Platform

Cloud-Based Retail IoT Management Solution

Data and its processing are vital for any organizations. Achieving this in the least time, with minimal effort, at lower costs is a major challenge for retailers. With VUSION Cloud Retail IoT Platform, merchants and brands can get a fully secured cloud platform allowing electronic shelf labels management and monitoring to increase their in-store efficiency.

Reliability & Performance

Our VUSION Cloud Platform is highly reliable and helps retailers’ achieve their digital transformation, their targets while simplifying their store operations. Through its resilient architecture, VUSION Cloud allows the best cloud availability and support times. Its elastic architecture allows for high and provable performances in terms of electronic price labels management and updates.


Security & Data Protection

VUSION Cloud is fully compliant with international standards (ISO 27001, SOC TSP, PCI-DSS 3.2 and Azure CIS 1.1.0) while being 100% GDPR-compliant in terms of security and data protection. To identify and prevent any data breaches VUSION Cloud is submitted to regular and thorough penetration tests.

VUSION Cloud compliance

V:Cloud benefits



Ultra-fast updates regardless of the number of Electronic Shelf Labels.


With VUSION Cloud, data are accessible from anywhere, anytime using the most open and secure REST APIs.


VUSION Cloud requires no capital expenditures, no new store hardware equipment and no expensive/hidden operating costs.

Effortless installation

Fast roll-out and low-maintenance, thanks to our leading global partner network which simplifies deployment of our infrastructure-less solution.
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Secure platform that complies with the most demanding international standards.
Pricing Auto


Benefit from a reliable solution with price update guaranteed and with the best Cloud availability.
Global Platform

+10.4M ESLs

+400M price updates / year

+2,700 stores

Making physical stores a digital asset for retailers

The VUSION Retail IoT platform developed by SES-imagotag aims to massively improve store efficiency and in-store shopping experience. VUSION aims at creating significant additional value for retailers by providing a unified in-store IoT open infrastructure to help retailers achieve their technological transformation by making their stores digital assets.

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With more than 200 retailers and 20,000 stores, SES-imagotag is the global n°1 Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) company in the world.

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