Q1 2019 Sales Call

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Q1 2019 Sales Call
April 25, 2019

2019 Agenda

13 February, 2019

2018 Full-Year Sales

13 March, 2019

2018 Full-Year Results

25 April, 2019

2019 First-Quarter Sales

24 May, 2019

Annual General Meeting

25 July, 2019

2019 First-Half Sales

10 September, 2019

2019 First-Half Results

25 October, 2019

2019 Third-Quarter Sales

Q1 2019 Sales Call

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Q1 2019 Sales Call
April 25, 2019
26.40 €
-1.12 %
21 May 2019 at 16:17 UTC+2
Minimum 15 minutes delayed.

27.00 €

26.35 €


The Global N°1 ESL Company

SES-imagotag is the worldwide leader in smart digital labels and pricing automation and has developed a comprehensive IoT and digital platform that delivers a complete set of services to retailers. The SES-imagotag solution enables retailers to connect and digitally transform their physical stores; automate low-value-added processes; improve operational efficiency; inform and serve customers; ensure information integrity to continuously optimize on-hand inventory; prevent stock-outs and waste and create an omnichannel service platform that builds loyalty and meets evolving consumer expectations.







17 000



03/05/2019 15:50

14/03/2019 10:00

Our latest news

SES-imagotag, BOE and JD Digits join forces in China

SES-imagotag (Euronext: SESL, FR0010282822), the global leader in Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) and retail IoT solutions, BOE Technology, the world leader in semiconductor displays as well as an IoT company...

Join SES-imagotag at VivaTech – Booth H31

China Retail Innovation Award 2019

SES-imagotag awarded at the CCFA show in China for its planogram management system

RETA Award

SES-imagotag and Bio c’Bon win the 2019 RETA award “Best In-Store Solution”

SES-imagotag (Euronext: SESL, FR0010282822), the global n°1 in Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) and Retail IoT solutions, has received a RETA award at EuroCIS 2019, Germany’s leading retail show, together with...

Euronics extends partnership with SES-imagotag to include 400 stores in Italy

Cosmetics Electronic shelf labels

2018 Full-Year Sales: Strong growth at €187.7m (+22.7%)

Corporate name and address

SES-imagotag SA
55, Place Nelson Mandela
92024 Nanterre

Tel.: +33 (1) 34 34 61 61
Fax: +33 (1) 55 69 78 00

Corporation informations

Nationality: French
Trading year: January 1st t
December 31st

Capital informations

Business corporation
Capital: € 26.006.674
by 31/12/2018
CEO: Thierry GADOU


Shan – Investor Relations & Financial
Communications: Sarah Levy-Quentin
Tel: +33 (0)1 44 50 03 84
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