E. Leclerc

Country: France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia
Sector: Food retail
Number of stores: 668, including 556 in France

E. Leclerc

E. Leclerc

Leclerc Majadahonda opened its doors at the end of August 2012; it was the last of 7 stores located on the outskirts of Madrid and taken over by E.Leclerc since October 2011 to be equipped with the SES-imagotag system. The management of Valdemodis (Centre Leclerc in Valdemoro) and Raphaël Gerbier, head of the general merchandise department in the Madrid Vallecas store (the CEO of which is Pedro Vazquez), had clearly-defined expectations of the SES-imagotag solution.

« Thanks to the SES-imagotag solution, weare able to quickly and widely align our prices, which makes it easier for us to implement our ‘lowest price’ policy. »
The manager of Valdemodis, Centre Leclerc in Valdemoro, Spain

The management of Valdemodis wished, above all, to ensure compliance with planograms and to better manage supply disruptions. More generally speaking, the Centres Leclerc in Madrid (Vallecas and Valdemoro) were looking for an electronic labeling system that would be easy to install and easy to use by the staff in store. It was also expected to help optimize working hours, while projecting an image of modernity to customers.

Why SES-imagotag?
SES-imagotag was the ideal supplier, as its system is able to handle the frequent price changes made by E.Leclerc. Even when the sometimes difficult economic climate was taken into consideration, the SES-imagotag solution was clearly an appropriate choice. The transmission system, which uses a very low frequency radio signal, was also a deciding factor. Raphaël Gerbier is particularly happy with this, as it means that furnishings and POP advertising can be moved around without disrupting the automatic price change process. The management of the Valdemodis store was immediately won over by the patented Easylock system, which ensures that price labels do not move and therefore that every product has a price.

« We believe that the G1 Retail 7.4 label is the most suitable for the fruit and vegetable aisle. Besides saving us time, it projects an image of modernity to shoppers. »
Raphaël Gerbier, Head of the general merchandise department

The staff very quickly adjusted to the system: the time savings became apparent in the first few weeks. The stores noticed a significant drop in the number of customer complaints at the checkout: greater price integrity. Merchandising plans are fully complied with price changes in response to competitive factors are no longer sequenced. They are now implemented simultaneously across the entire store. In the fruit and vegetable aisle, electronic labels have reduced the constraints imposed by the perishable nature of the products.

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