Country: Great Britain
Sector: Food retail/convinience
Number of stores: approximately 4100 stores
Number of stores installed: more than 100
Start of installation: 2013


Spar EAT17

SPAR Eat 17 is an award-winning convenience store chain operating within London. They offer a range of products and provide customers delicious and honest food via their store eateries and are known for proactively adopting the latest technology in their stores.

EAT17 pride themselves on the quality of their offering both with regard to the products they sell and their store experience. To continue operating in such a competitive market they needed to be confident their store was being run in the most efficient way possible and that their in-store experience was second to none. As a store selling a large amount of artisan and independent products they also struggled to determine the optimum price for each product and were already spending too much time on changing prices manually, cutting into time spent running their store.

Eat 17 was overloaded with data on their old system and needed a change but effectively paralysed by the sheer amount of things to do.

SES-imagotag’s partner, Market Hub, fully integrated their software with SPAR’s EPOS system and allowed the store to remain fully operational during the installation period.

Integration of the ESL technology combined with the Market Hub software resulted in a reasonable decrease in non-scanned items, increased gross margins due to dynamic pricing, increased pricing accuracy and customer experience, reduced waste, and an impressive reduction of manual labour. Moreover, Eat 17 won the IDG innovation store of the year award.

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