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Enhance in-store shopping experience

Turn price tags into micro web pages

SES-imagotag’s VUSION platform gives omnichannel retailers access to a wide range of software, so that they can provide their customers with digital services when shopping in-store.

Electronic shelf labels are not just a pricing tool, but thanks to large color displays, they can actually show and provide much more information to shoppers. Shoppers now go to stores, visit the corresponding website, use the mobile app alternatively even for the same purchase. In order to ensure graphical and pricing consistency, digital labels must support your presentation DNA next to each product. Labels can also include web stalwarts like reviews and ratings and keep pace of increasingly frequent price changes. Some products will fare better with actual reviews excerpts displayed on the labels, others with require availability indicators, legal mentions etc. The sum of these requests will drive label size and SES-imagotag offers the largest range to support these objectives.

Provide omnichannel services to omnichannel shoppers
Connectivity 1
Unified pricing across channels
Synchronized promotions
Customer reviews and product ratings accessible in-store, offline
Stock information in real-time
Credit Card
Scan & Go
Digital in-store shopping experience - new beginnings
Digital labels and VUSION provide the basis for modern experiential shopping. They also offer the foundation for future services, depending on local needs, technological trends and operations requirements.
The new normal in Retail

Retail is currently divided between two worlds: digital and brick & mortar. Digital services only cover retailers’ mobile websites and e-commerce sites, with no direct connection to each store.

Shoppers however expect the same services everywhere. When going to stores they expect human assistance and immediate product availability. They do not understand why they should forego Search and Reviews that are obvious improvements from the Internet age. Storefront and the VUSION platform have been developed with these basic expectations in mind. It provides shoppers with Search and Reviews:

  • Access is immediate – no sign-up, no download
  • Search is location relevant: only the local references appear
  • Reviews and other product content appear with the in-store price which may vary between stores

And the smartphone can propose something impossible for pure players: a button to make the labels flash to help locate the product inside the store.

Scan & Go at the shelf

Payment and long waiting lines are one of the biggest pain points in physical retail. Among the various solutions available in the industry, VUSION’s electronic labels and Retail IoT platform gives retailers the chance to enable fast checkouts at minimal extra cost by leveraging in-store ESLs and existing infrastructure.

Once the customer accesses the product page through a simple QR code / NFC scan, an ‘add to basket’ button and the necessary check-out process can be added. We believe that mobile shopping will include payment to save time for the shopper engagement and overhead for the store. If you envision offering mobile payment in your stores please contact us to benefit from our experience in the field. Some experiments have disappointed due to unclear shopper benefit definition and inadequate communication.

Trusted by over 250+ retailers and 20,000+ stores
SES-imagotag is the n°1 global company in digital price tags for stores.

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