Electronic Shelf Labels customization

Quick price changes, easily-implemented custom designs, geolocation with a few clicks, event-based pricing and all-important information for the customer: the fashionTAG brings all the advantages of electronic labeling to fashion retail.
Bring the most important management data to your head office and sales-promoting information to your customers!

Tailored to the needs of fashion stores

Integrated NFC is making in-store products reservation and home delivery possible with a single tap.
Bring all relevant information from your online store to your physical retail.

Optimize in-store processes

Enable price changes within seconds! Manual, time-consuming price tagging are now a thing of the past. Location detection makes for consistently accurate information on the fashionTAG – in the store or in your warehouse. The fashionTAG recognizes its location and automatically switches to the right information inventory at the tap of a button – always live and in real-time, without extensive counting and searching.

The Digital Price Tag for Fashion Retail

Do you need to implement a loyalty program or to improve your Click & Collect abilities? Then the fashionTAG is your perfect fit!

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New design, perfectly adapted to the fashion retail


Full graphic - Paperdisplay with 180° viewing angle


Compact & lightweight design boastinga long battery life


Shows available sizes in-store


NFC access to web services with a single tap

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