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Digital price tags for Grocery stores

A comprehensive electronic labelling solution for food retailers

The VUSION solution fits perfectly all grocery stores with premium electronic shelf labels (ESLs) and a cloud-based software. The VUSION Cloud platform allows retailers to manage instantaneous price updates, promotion launches, shelf monitoring to guarantee a better in-store efficiency. At the same time, VUSION enables an enhanced in-store shopping experience through rich content labels, customer activations and fast check-outs.

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Manage stores in the Cloud

Food retail is often faced with fast-changing and fast-moving merchandising plans and items. Prices and promotions have to be updated in an instant. All store activities should be monitored precisely. The VUSION Cloud platform (V:Cloud) enables all of the above so that retailers can manage their stores at lower cost, with minimal effort and great precision.

Fixtures & Accessories

SES-imagotag developed specific fixtures grocery stores to fit all retailers’ requirements. They are then able to adapt VUSION labels to any situations while ensuring a premium price and information display. VUSION fixtures are designed to be rotated, adapted and easily removable at any time. They fit perfectly with any shelf and can be tilted according to the angle.

SES-imagotag is well known for its patented Easylock Anti-Theft system that enables retailers to have fixed digital price tags and perfect merchandising plans which make their bad ROI nightmares a thing of the past.

Pricing Auto

Pricing Automation / Intelligence


Product Geolocation and real-time planogram management


Picking and replenishment optimization


Automated shelf monitoring and stock-out detection

Shopper Connectivity

Shopper connectivity and in-store digital services


Digital advertising and promotion

Trusted by over 250+ retailers and 20,000+ stores

SES-imagotag is the n°1 global company in digital price tags grocery stores.

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