SES-imagotag's VUSION Cloud Platform Improves in-store efficiency

SES-imagotag's VUSION Cloud Platform Improves in-store efficiency

Maximize on-shelf availability

Digital tags and the SES-imagotag’s VUSION Cloud platform gives physical stores the ability to accurately manage store inventory to optimize product availability on shelves.

The number one rule of operations is to have accurate data on shelf and stock status at all times. Which products?  Where? How many facings and space share? At what price? etc. Having all these indicators in real-time is essential to optimize compliance, reduce stock-outs and increase on-shelf availability and sales.

The latest retail IoT technologies combining geolocated smart labels and ultra-low miniature wireless shelf cameras allow to automate real-time shelf monitoring in a cost-effective and scalable way. This will revolutionize supply chain and store management and open a new era of digital collaboration and data sharing between retailers and CPG companies, generating massive cost savings across the entire value chain:

  • Shelf execution compliance increase shelf execution compliance
  • Stockouts reduction
  • OSA and sales increase
  • Store staff labor cost savings
  • Overall inventory reduction
  • CPG trade spend reduction

VUSION in-store IoT technology is the most advanced, cost-effective and accurate solution to provide comprehensive real-time shelf data.

Boost store sales from +2% up to +5% and increase operation margin by up to +1 percentage point with the VUSION Retail IoT Cloud platform
Shelf 1
Tidy and well-stocked shelves resulting in increased sales
Auto 1
Optimized automatic replenishment thanks to always-accurate real stock data
Drastic reduction in stockouts: -30% to -50%
Employee hours reallocated to customer service and online orders picking
Employee and customer satisfaction improvement
Optimize in-store picking

Allowing end customers to shop online or in-store, to purchase items on e-Commerce platforms and pick them up later, is a key and strategic weapon for retailers pursuing an omnichannel strategy and improve in-store operations.

Stores are the ultimate local service. In tomorrow’s omnichannel retail landscape, physical stores will form the ideal local logistics network for quick deliveries and order pick-ups.

Click & Collect and home delivery from local stores are fast-growing services; the trend will expand quickly because these are the ultimate omnichannel services. They capitalize on both the proximity and the benefits of physical stores, as well as the ease and speed of the Internet.

They align with consumers’ new buying behaviors, leverage the wide assortment in stores and enable shoppers to differentiate between their regular (online) restocking orders and “pleasurable” or “impulsive” in-store purchases. It is the fusion of physical and digital with the best of both worlds combined in one seamless omnichannel service.

The challenge is making Click & Collect productive and profitable. Preparing a basket in the store (in-store picking) is a time-consuming activity whose productivity must be optimized like an industrial production process.

Boosting Picking & Replenishment performance with the VUSION platform from SES-imagotag

Thanks to the geolocation solutions integrated in the smart tags from the VUSION platform, retailers can increase picking productivity and reduce missing products. By improving product location, the average transaction grows and preparation time is reduced.

  • Picking productivity: up to +50%
  • Reduced missing products: -50%
  • Product location: 99% accuracy
  • Average transaction: +5%
Trusted by over 250+ retailers and 20,000+ stores
SES-imagotag is the n°1 global company in digital price tags for stores.

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