SES-imagotag facilitates in-store marketing using digital labels

SES-imagotag facilitates in-store marketing using digital labels

Bring emotion to shelves

The best places in stores are endcaps or promotional ends. Dedicating larger digital labels to these prominent spots has two benefits. First it helps promote the products presented there, reducing or even eliminating the need to add time consuming shelf talkers. The new VUSION:Rail, 4K shelf-edge displays, can also be used for that purpose: it will project an image of dynamism and quality benefiting the complete store.

Second, the use of dedicated labels for end caps enables digitized tracking of in-store promotional activity. Endcaps can be used by the brands, and the remote tracking will provide the necessary proof that the plan was properly implemented.

Synchronize campaigns across channels

Whether it’s in-store or online, physical retailers have now the ability to collaborate more efficiently with brands. By leveraging digital displays on shelves, e-Paper or video, stores can actually become a true media to show promotional or informational campaigns to their customers.

Digital labels can turn into rich content displays so that shoppers can have access to the same level of information as they would online, while benefiting from real-time in-store marketing campaigns. Marketing departments from retailers and brands can also activate remotely these campaigns and monitor them thanks to the VUSION Cloud platform developed by SES-imagotag.

Activate shoppers at the moment of purchase

Displaying the right message at the right moment is key for brands and retailers. Possible online for a long time, they can now do the same in-store. Digital labels and video rails hosted on the VUSION platform have the ability to change messages every day to ensure the latest campaigns are in effect, while shoppers will see them when in front of the products.

As campaigns and marketing actions in-store are digitized, shoppers can also benefit from them in real-time, notably through e-Coupons. Indeed, they don’t have to wait anymore for coupons after checkout, but they can use them upon payment.

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