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Electronic shelf labels enhance in-store efficiency and reduce labor costs generated by the daily implementation of the pricing policy. It also reduces wastage through the dynamic management of products with a sell-by date (stock level alerts, shelf capacity, etc.). 

Our ESLs and our software solution offer real-time pricing automation while optimizing price policy and maintaining profit margins. Automated prices also mean that the store staff has more time to advise customers and better price integrity, resulting in fewer fines and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

The SES-imagotag ESL solution enables easy management of perishable goods with management data displayed at the shelf and in the software (stock level alerts, use-by dates, shelf capacity etc.).

Graphic electronic labeling is a solution especially suited to the fruit and vegetable aisles thanks to large display e-Paper labels and product display on televisions. Beyond the price, many pieces of information may change frequently. ESLs can simplify and automate usually complex pricing management (piece, kilo, batch management).

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Spar is an international retail chain with more than 13.500 stores in more than 44 countries worldwide. The stores in and around Zurich are manged by a family owned multi-franchiser. The management wa...

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Billa is the market leading full-range food retailer in Austria with more than 1000 branch stores. Billa stands for competence in food products for an affordable price. They started a marketing initia...

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In 2007, the Spar Gran Canaria (Cencosu group) installed SES-imagotag’ electronic shelf labeling solution in a first pilot store (Spar Arguineguín); this was followed with its partner TISA by 10 ot...

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Dansk Supermarked group operates a total of 1,345 stores in 4 countries, including 17 hypermarkets under Bilka name. After assessing and comparing several competitive systems, in 2010 the Group decide...

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E. Leclerc

Leclerc Majadahonda opened its doors at the end of August 2012; it was the last of 7 stores located on the outskirts of Madrid and taken over by E.Leclerc since October 2011 to be equipped with the SE...

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The Edeka Group is the largest German supermarket corporation holding a market share of 26%. It consists today of several cooperatives of independent supermarkets all operating under the umbrella orga...

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SPAR Eat 17 is an award winning convenience store chain operating within London. They offer a range of products and provide customers delicious and honest food via their store eateries and are known f...

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Marks & Spencer

Marks and Spencer is a major British multinational retailer that specialises in clothing, home products and luxury food products. The simply food stores are known for innovative, great value products,...

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A retail chain of club supermarkets Smartory (Russia) has implemented a system of electronic shelf labels by SES-imagotag to carry out its innovative business model. Smartory is a brand new and unique...

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The Mousquetaires retail group has been working with SES for 16 years now, ever since the first electronic labels were installed in the Intermarché supermarket chain back in 1996. Until now, the SES ...

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Colruyt Group selects SES-imagotag

SES-imagotag (Euronext: SESL, FR0010282822), the global leader in Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) and retail IoT solutions, today announces the signature of a first contract with Colruyt Lowest Prices,...

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Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics retailers are facing strong competition from online pure players. The SES-imagotag solution is an innovative digital strategy for each retailer who wants to develop its existing distributing channels and ensure a perfect omnichannel synchronization, which is critical.

Our electronic shelf labels improve pricing agility and in-store productivity. Equipped with NFC chips, our labels are connected and enhance shopper connectivity and ubiquitous commerce.

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Sharaf DG selects SES-imagotag

The first full-retail chain ESL roll-out in the Middle East....

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Retailers need to be able to focus on their customers, bearing in mind that personal touch really makes a difference.

SES-imagotag is here to help them achieve this. By optimizing their management processes through the controlled automation of tasks on a per-item basis, DIY businesses can increase their efficiency. Thanks to our hardware and software solutions, no human resource needs to be dedicated to price changes.

Our electronic shelf labels also mean better customer service, bigger profits and an improved image for the store.

SES-imagotag is committed to providing an intuitive solution easily used daily to free up time for the sales teams, allowing them to focus on customer advising, a key factor to increase sales.

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Mr. Bricolage

The management of the Mr. Bricolage store in St Gilles Croix de Vie had been considering ESL technology for a while, and took advantage of the opportunity presented by the relocation of the store to s...

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According to Bertrand Bourguignon, Operational Marketing Director, and David Bourgouin, Store Manager in BasseGoulaine (44), it is difficult to integrate the management of paper price labels into the ...

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The SES-imagotag solutions give an added-value to luxury and cosmetics stores thanks to the premium readability of our labels, but also the in-store shopper connectivity they bring.

Thanks to our ESLs, our software Jeegy and the MultiCom infrastructure, each store can assess their shoppers’ needs, which is essential now that they are more and more demanding and better informed.

This way, every consumer can have access to customer reviews via their smartphones or see the product’s rating on the label.

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With our solutions, drugstore teams become more available for customers who benefit from enriched product information through an extension of electronic packaging.

The wide range of SES-imagotag products can display useful information for both teams and consumers.

NFC technology integrated with electronic tags allows customers to customize the advice via its smartphone.

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Farmacia Niguarda

Farmacia Niguarda is an Italian pharmacy, that opened its store 1974 in Milan. In 2015 this innovative store decided to exchange the paper labels with electronic SES-imagotag G1 retail labels of two d...

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Ranging from small discount retailers to exclusive luxury brands, the fashion industry is one of the most important drivers of the global economy. One of the challenges in the fashion industry is to merge and synchronize online and offline information for an omnichannel experience. What is easy to do online, as a price adjustment, usually means relabelling and a lot of time in-store.

The fashionTAGs from SES-imagotag ends the Stone Age for the fashion industry. Retailers can easily adjust prices, for example for seasonal/weather-related promotions such as summer or winter sales.

The fashionTAGs design is unique and versatile with a diverse color selection, and along with the graphic HD display it offers all the individual digital possibilities that modern customers expect from their trusted fashion stores.

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Digital signage

The SES-imagotag technology is more and more sought after by clients looking for a quality solution to manage the booking of rooms and other shared working spaces. As a true plug-and-play solution, it is adaptable not only to new buildings, but also to existing infrastructures without much effort.

Compatible with a wide range of booking software, this professional solution is a real asset for any office, hotel, hospital and other spaces where signage can become more efficient through digital means.

As it can be set up on any surface and characterized by an ultra-low consumption, SES-imagotag’s digital signage can replace paper alternatives or other, more expensive and wired devices.

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WESTbahn Management GmbH is a private railway company that has provided passenger transport connections between Vienna and Salzburg since December 2011....

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Infinite Area

The project Infinite Area is located in Montebelluna in Italy and is designed as an open space area where people can rent co-working space, meeting facilities, event locations and innovation space. Th...

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In the industrial sector, digital signage adds value to any kind of critical operation of a production process. The flexible system is able to display alerts, information or metrics on bins, shelves or machines and at the same time enable direct communication to ordering systems or safety alerts via integrated activity buttons.

The solution improves daily processes and reduces costs of using paper solutions and eliminating downtimes.

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An employee in manufacturing at the Fujitsu plant in Augsburg requests the goods required for assembling new notebooks. At the „factory supermarket“, where the components are available on demand, ...

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Bossard is a market leader in fastening technology worldwide. The Swiss company analyses and improves production and logistics processes. They introduced the SmartLabel for an efficient material manag...

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Mycronic is a leading supplier of production solutions to the electronics industry. The Swedish high-tech company develops, manufactures, and markets innovative production equipment for manufacturing ...

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