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Infrastructure: Connected Shelf


SES-imagotag is building the world’s largest IoT deployment of connected smart digital labels

SES-imagotag develops the first global IoT retail platform to accelerate the digitization of physical commerce. This infrastructure is ultra-connected (Radio-frequency, Cloud interface, Wi-Fi …) and allows to connect all the store’s electronic shelf labels in the Cloud to manage very precisely each point of sale.

Next-generation VUSION IoT protocol

Enables high-speed and high-throughput capability in all stores, fully expandable for seamless portability.
The bi-directional communications protocol with several channels ensures a complete data transmission within seconds to all the connected electronic shelf labels, and without any interferences.
SES-imagotag Infrastructure

The fastest and safest transmission protocol for ESLs

Ensures full image updates in every single connected store in record times and allows the world fastest page switching across all stores, regardless of the size of the store and fully compliant with international standards.

Industry leading wireless solution


Self-organization network topology


Low cost infrastructure

Easylock 1

Secure communications


Fast rollouts and low maintenance

Light Weight

Lightweight system requirements

Secured communications and compliant with international standards

Every ESLs are addressed individually by their IDs and they will automatically search the best available channel.

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Customer success stories

With more than 200 retailers and 20,000 stores, SES-imagotag is the global n°1 Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) company in the world.

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