LSA : NRF 2019, la reconnaissance d’images triomphe à New York

Electronic Shelf Labels

Au Retail’s Big Show 2019 de la NRF, à New York, les caméras se sont imposées pour donner de l’intelligence aux équipements. Plus matures, les systèmes permettent désormais d’automatiser de façon fiable les opérations de gestion des magasins.

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Finalistes Paris Retail Week

The finalists of the Paris Retail Awards

VUSION Rail is a video rail designed to digitise and bring to life store shelves. With a very high resolution LCD screen connected to the Cloud on the VUSION platform developed by SES-imagotag, the VU...

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The future of physical retail hinges on enabling more intelligent, innovative shopping experiences

The retail industry is among the most valuable businesses in the world but the rise of e-commerce in recent years has delivered a blow to physical retail....

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Electronic Price Labels

GM Food y Valvi presentan su nuevo supermercado Flagship Store en Barcelona


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