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Electronic shelf labels enhances in-store efficiency, reduces labour costs generated by the daily implementation of the pricing policy. It also reduces wastage, through the dynamic management of products with a sell-by date (stock level alerts, shelf capacity, etc.).

Our digital price tags and our software solution offer a real-time pricing automation, while optimizing price policy and maintaining profit margins. Automated prices also mean that the store staff has more time to advise customers and a better price integrity resulting in fewer fines and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

The SES-imagotag solution enables an easy management of perishable goods with management data displayed at the shelf and in the software (stock level alerts, use-by dates, shelf capacity etc.) Fruits & vegetables.

Graphic electronic labeling are a solution particularly suited to the fruits and vegetable aisles, thanks to large display e-paper labels (G1 4.4 and G1 7.4) and product display on televisions (Media+). Beyond price, there are many other information that may change and these changes can be frequent. The electronic shelf labels can simplify and automate a pricing management usually complex (piece, kilo, batch management).

Business cases

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Consumer electronics

Consumer electronics retailers are facing a strong competition from online pure players. The SES-imagotag sets itself in an innovative digital strategy for each retailer who wants to develop its existing distributing channels and ensure a perfect omnichannel synchronization, which is critical.

Our electronic shelf labels improves pricing agility and in-store productivity. Equipped with NFC chips, our labels are connected, giving a shopper connectivity and enabling ubiquitous commerce.

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Retailers need to be able to focus on their customers, bearing in mind that the personal touch really makes a difference.

SES-imagotag is there to help them achieve this, by optimizing their management processes through the controlled automation of tasks on a per-item basis. Thanks to the electronic labeling solution, no dedicated human resource is required for price changes.

Business cases

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Better customer service, bigger profits and an enhanced image for the store.

SES-imagotag is committed to providing an intuitive solution and easy daily use to free up time for sales teams, allowing them to support client advising, a key factor to increase sales.

Business cases

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The SES-imagotag solutions gives a true added-value to luxury and cosmetics stores thanks to the premium readability of our labels, but also the shopper connectivity in store.

Thanks to connected labels, our software Jeegy and the MultiCom infrastructure, each store can assess each shopper’s needs, whom are today more demanding and better informed. This way, everyone can access to customer reviews via their smartphones or see directly on each label a product rating on the retailer’s website.

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Teams more available for customers and enriched product information through an extension of electronic packaging. The wide range of SES-imagotag products can display useful information for both teams and consumers.

NFC technology integrated with electronic tags allows customer to customize the advice via its smartphone.

Business cases

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Digital Signage

The proven SES-imagotag technology is increasingly requested by customers who attach importance to a qualitative and practical solution for signing meeting rooms and other shared facilities. The beautiful design meets the requirements of demanding customers with sense of esthetics.

The easy plug & play solution is not only suitable for new buildings, but also can upgrade existing structures without high installation effort. Highly compatible with reservation software of any kind, the solution adds value to office buildings, hotel facilities, hospitals and other areas where room signage has to be replaced by a digital solution. Mounted on any kind of surface with low energy consumption, the solution definitely trumps alternatives like manual paper signage or expensive devices that have to be connected by cable.

Business cases

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In the industrial sector, digital signage adds value to any kind of critical operation of a production process. The flexible system is able to display alerts, information or metrics on bins, shelves or machines and at the same time enable direct communication to ordering systems or safety alerts via integrated activity buttons.

The solution improves daily processes and reduces costs of using paper solutions and eliminating downtimes.

Business cases

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