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Shopper Engagement: enhance in-store customer experience


Omnichannel synchronization

Electronic shelf labels are no longer just a simple, passive mechanism for displaying prices. They play a much bigger role in giving information to customers; they are “micro web pages” that display essential data like consumer ratings, in-store or online availability, related products and promotional information to enhance in-store customer experience.


In-Store Digital Services

With Shopper Engagement and our VUSION Retail IoT platform, digital services cover both e-Commerce pure players and physical stores as each point of sale can have its own mobile site to bring in-store services and promote targeted offers tailored to a specific context (inventory, business hours, weather, sales, etc.). Shoppers can now access a wide range of key information such a product geolocation, in-door navigator, nutritional information, etc. for in-store customer experience.
Shopper engagement

Scan & Go

Customers do not want to spend too much time waiting in-store, especially at the checkout. Increase in-store customer experience with VUSION Pay and its Scan & Go feature, they can now avoid long waiting lines. As the payment and scanning processes are digitized and handled through the shopper’s smartphone, additional digital services can be added such as loyalty programs or targeted e-Coupons…


If shoppers use the web in a store, they will likely find products that are not available in their local store, or not at the same price through the canals. Storefront displays only products that are immediately available, and at the local price for instant satisfaction and in-store customer experience. Offering a search box dedicated to the shoppers’ local store, Storefront is a powerful in-store tool with unique digital features.

Shopper Information

As Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) become micro web pages, they display key digital information for shoppers. Article descriptions and prices are the starting point, but other data can prove useful: stock availability per size or color, reviews and global rating, product video, nutritional information, etc.

Augmented Product

All necessary information in your hands. The internet has convinced shoppers that customer reviews and ratings are necessary to make purchasing decisions. Videos, detailed presentations and technical documents can also be mandatory even in stores. The Augmented Product Storefront tool is the media used through smartphones to gather automatically this digital content from local store information (price, inventory) and global data (description, customer, reviews, videos) thanks to key functions.


All your products, quickly found. Increase in-store customer experience with VUSION Find is a Storefront Tool that enables shoppers to browse the store mapper category and level. Thanks to the 180° flashing capacity of VUSION Tags, shoppers will also be able to find in an instant their products when they arrive in the correct aisle.


VUSION Pay is the fastest checkout service for shoppers. No app is required, no account creation is necessary, no identification is needed. Customers must access the augmented product page, put articles in their mobile basket and scan (only the first time) their credit card with the phones’ camera and select this card for all future payments, they will just need to tap the security code.

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Brand design for corporate consistency


Brand and product activation


QR code / NFC Interactions


Easy to find and understand


Product description and information

Nutritional Info

Nutritional information displayed directly at the shelf


Rich content available without any apps



Electronic Shelf Labels

Customer success stories

With more than 200 retailers and 20,000 stores, SES-imagotag is the global n°1 Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) company in the world.

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