Country: Russia
Sector: Food retail/convenience
Labels installed: G1 retail 4.2 red NFC
Time of installation: 2016


Smartory, a russian retail chain

A retail chain of club supermarkets Smartory (Russia) has implemented a system of electronic shelf labels by SES-imagotag to carry out its innovative business model. Smartory is a brand new and unique club project at the Russian retail market bearing philosophy of “selected assortment of quality goods and services at reasonable prices”. Smartory business model helps to cut operating costs of the retail chain and to set honest prices for its merchandise.

In order to increase clarity of the pricing system at Smartory stores, the management has decided to use electronic shelf labels for demonstration of information on certain key products supplemented by comparison with competitors’ prices.

For these purposes, Smartory and its pricing partner “Smart Price” have developed and implemented a framework for conversion of specified group of merchandise from paper shelf labels to ESL. The ESL system has been integrated with Smartory back-office and competitors’ prices comparison service.

“The ESL solution will allow us to carry out our business strategy in achieving certain sales volumes and profit levels.”
Key Smartory manager

Why SES-imagotag?
SES-imagotag solution has been selected as a technological platform for developing of the ESL system at Smartory supermarkets, as it has been found to be the most user-friendly, functionally versatile and satisfactory to all requirements of the Smartory club retail chain.

“The ESL system and pricing solution offered by our partner Smart Price allowed us to launch an innovative model of displaying the prices and other relevant merchandise information in real-time mode, which will attract new customers and increase loyalty of current customers.”
Key Smartory manager

At the present time, the ESL system by SES-imagotag is undergoing productive operation in Smartory stores in the Moscow region.

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