Country: Switzerland
Sector: Food retail
Number of stores: 17, 400m² each
Number of ESLs installed: 6800 G1 retail labels
Time of installation: 2016


Spar, an international retail chain

Spar is an international retail chain with more than 13.500 stores in more than 44 countries worldwide. The stores in and around Zurich are manged by a family owned multi-franchiser. The management was looking for a solution that is capable to quickly change prices but also sees ESL as an investment in customer loyalty as you can secure price integrity.

“This clever solution is absolutely simple and easy to understand for customers and users!”
Hans-Ruedi Schnellmann, CEO Detailhandels AG, manager Spar stores Zurich

Spar was looking for an easy to use solution that offers a lot of possibilities for the future. As soon as they decided to integrate ESL in their stores they went with the supplier with good-looking labels, an easy installation, high readability. One important criteria was that the solution is 100% reliable to guarantee that also customers trust in this new digital gadget in the store.

“We are able to act more customer-focused again in the store as we have more time to assist and consult the customer.”
Hans-Ruedi Schnellmann, CEO Detailhandels AG, manager Spar stores Zurich

Why SES-imagotag?
With SES-imagotag we found a partner that is clear in its communication and streightforward in its committment. The mutual agreement perfectly meets the goals of the customer without raising complexity more than needed.

“The responsible persons from SES-imagotag were solution oriented in every step of the project.”
Hans-Ruedi Schnellmann, CEO Detailhandels AG, manager Spar stores Zurich

“The solution convinced me because of its user-friendly handling and design.”
Hans-Ruedi Schnellmann, CEO Detailhandels AG, manager Spar stores Zurich

Since the installation of the ESL solution, the store manager has far more presence in the market. There is no waste of time due to interacting with the headquarters because of wrong paper labels. There is an easy promotion management possible and the store team can spend the time dedicated to changing paper labels in the past to arrange the promotions appropriately.

Moreover there is no time-consuming complaint management anymore because of wrong prices on the labels. Since the beginning with ESL, the franchisee of Spar CH already noticed an increase in promotions sold, a plus in the product margins and the inventory difference could be reduced.

The potential saving in paper labels is 15.000 pieces per year for the already realized stores.

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