VUSION Cloud Retail Solutions Streamline ESL Fleets Worldwide

VUSION Cloud Retail Solutions Streamline ESL Fleets Worldwide

VUSION Cloud is a secured platform allowing customers to manage their electronic shelf labels fleet and increase their in-store efficiency. You get a scalable, reliable and performant application. VUSION Cloud Retail Solutions is compliant with the most demanding international standard with an endtoend data encryption that contributes to secure information displayed in your digital price tags.

VUSION Manager

VUSION Manager ensures that prices and promotions are always synchronized online and in-store. Thanks to various dashboards and statistics, it is now possible to have real-time access to the store’s activity and the statuts of its infrastructure and electronic labels.

Manage and monitor your store from anywhere, at anytime

VUSION Manager includes a monitoring tool to help identify and spot unusual device or infrastructure behavior to reduce Mean-Time-To-Resolution and ensure accurate pricing in-store.
Display Manager

Access your data and store activity anywhere at anytime

VUSION Manager is a cloud application accessible through a simple internet connection.

Easy integration into your system

All features are accessible through open and secure REST APIs.

Gain flexibility and keep up with market trends

The performances of VUSION Cloud allow a rapid integration of back-office files and price updates.

Lower TCO with proactive store management

Reduce time spent on maintenance through proactive monitoring and regular updates.
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View all your stores activities at once

Monitor all your stores activities and status through live dashboards.


VUSION Link is a tool to track and manage your labels and items in-store.
Search labels and items faster and optimize the picking experience through VUSION flashing ESLs.

The store mobile companion

Match products with electronic price labels and choose a template to implement marketing strategy with price scenarios that have been defined chain-wide or locally.
Through user tracking, monitor in-store operations and ensure prices and promotions are always synchronized.

Improve store efficiency

Search labels and items in-store easily and optimize your picking experience and your business strategy using VUSION flashing labels.

Gain in-store flexibility

Labels and items can be matched/dissociated directly in-store to gain more flexibility.

Access all information of labels and products

Labels and product information are easily accessible through VUSION Link.

Manage and monitor labels in-store

Get information on the labels and access point status for a rapid overview of the store global activity.

Easy integration into your system

All features are accessible through open and secure REST APIs. This app can be installed on smartphones or PDAs.


With VUSION Studio, manage and display all types of data to empower your marketing department
with a quick and easy template designer. Create and define special offers that take place for
events, products or available stock… And use the full potential of the Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs).

Empowered In-Store Marketing

The VUSION Studio Software gives meaning to back-office data and enables retailers to define new business requirements and impactful marketing campaigns through digital tag design, QR codes and images.
And stay always up to date with our latest digital price tag innovations.

Harness the data from your back office

Studio deciphers the data received.

Design the digital tag template

Just drag and drop text, QR codes, barcodes, images… Create multiple pages to cover different in-store scenarios.
Data 1

Give meaning to your data

Define your business requirements and marketing campaigns.

Visualize your store templates

Manage, preview, generate and share all your projects.

Customer success stories

With more than 200 retailers and 20,000 stores, SES-imagotag is the global n°1 Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) company in the world.

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