Store Efficiency


Real-Time Price Automation

Enhancing responsiveness, precision and quality by digitizing and automating price displays in the aisles is now imperative for retailers. Through the VUSION Cloud (V:Cloud) solution, stores can manage their prices in real-time and digitally to eliminate errors (-100%), reduce time spent on tag updates (-80%) and improve customer confidence.

Precise Product Geolocation

ESLs are able to geolocate products within a store thanks to the VUSION Shelf (V:Shelf) solution, giving retailers the ability to increase in-store picking productivity (+30%) and reduce missing products (-50%). By doing so, store assistants can prepare orders 20% to 30% faster than without electronic shelf labels.

Automatic Stockout Detection

Improving on-shelf availability is the top operational priority of a store and retailers need to be able to drastically reduce stockouts and waste. By combining computer vision and the leading-edge VUSION ESL technology, stores can now detect stockouts and anomalies in real-time.

Display Manager

Display Manager is the nerve center of our solution. This software ensures that prices and promotions are always synchronized online and in-store. With automatic price updates, staff can be dedicated to more value-added tasks. Display Manager helps you keeping up with online and offline competition thanks to the dynamic pricings.


With Studio, manage and display all types of data to empower your marketing department with a quick and easy template designer. Create and define special offers that take place for events, products or available stock… And use the full potential of the VUSION Tags.


Precise product geolocation allows retailers and brands to know exactly the position of each electronic shelf label and each product in-store. Therefore, stores can re-create their planograms in real-time within seconds, which gives them a very precise information coming from the reality of each shop floor.


Searching one single product on a shelf can be very time-consuming. The OptiPick solution significantly reduces order preparing time and optimize the path to pick in-store products. Through a digital map and precise product geolocation, take the fastest track, don’t waste time and easily find products thanks to a 180° LED flash blinking on your shelf.


Manager is the most powerful tool for team support. Use one interface to supervise all your stores and monitor them at all levels, from the back office to the infrastructure. It also ensures brand identity and price consistency across all stores and helps retailers in their daily tasks.


With computer vision and machine learning, our software is now able to create real-time realograms displaying on-shelf products and their key information: position, price, product name, etc. Enable instant anomaly detection through real-time monitoring. No stockouts, no product misplacements will go and remain undetected.Improve data-driven KPIs and go further into details with ROI-focused analytics such as retail space allocation per brand or out-of-stock frequencies. Improved indicators will be generated to help you improve your store operations and management.


Pulse is a next-generation retail intelligence assistant designed to improve in-store profitability by increasing revenue and margins and reducing losses and waste. PULSE gives you back the control of the business and profits through sales analyzing, key trends identification, and pinpointing opportunities for growth.

Display Manager-size

Making physical stores a digital asset for retailers

The VUSION Retail IoT Cloud platform leverages digital technologies to improve the in-store efficiency, while transforming the way stores operate on a daily basis. Electronic shelf labels become smart IoT devices capable of delivering precise information in-store and automating painful low-value-added operations.

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Eliminate pricing errors (-100%)


Reduce time spent on tag updates (-80%)


Precise Product Geolocation (Up to 100% accuracy)


Improve price image and customer confidence


Food Waste Reduction (-30%)


In-Store Picking Productivity (+30%)


.2% to +5% sales boost


Improved On-Shelf Availability (-30% to -50%)

Business Cases

With more than 200 retailers and 17,000 stores, SES-imagotag is the global n°1 ESL company in the world

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