The finalists of the Paris Retail Awards – SES-imagotag
Finalistes Paris Retail Week

VUSION Rail is a video rail designed to digitise and bring to life store shelves. With a very high resolution LCD screen connected to the Cloud on the VUSION platform developed by SES-imagotag, the VUSION Rail will synchronise marketing campaigns (web to store) in real time and easily display video content for brands and retailers.

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Digitalisation en magasin: prix automatisés et interactivité

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Les gestes barrières affichés même dans les rayons" text_link="View more" link= img=34986]

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Les points forts de la Nouvelle Cave de Casino et Cdiscount

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VUSION Rail by SES-imagotag

VUSION Rail permet de digitaliser la communication en rayon

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Digital shelf labels

Wirecard and SES-imagotag Streamline In-Store Mobile Payments

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