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VUSION Rail's Electronic Display Enhances the Shopping Experience


Easy & Interactive Display

V:Rail is SES-imagotag’s new interactive display that gives stores the ability to leverage Full High Definition screens to enhance in-store shopper marketing experience and optimize store operations. It lets store staff adjust prices and merchandising in-store with a touch interface located at the bottom of each V:Rail display. Staff can also adjust brightness with a single touch, on all shelves.

Secure & Future Proof

A fully secure platform both on hardware, with directly embedded components without any external interferences, and on software. The V:Rail goes through reliability tests and is made with only high-end components, making it future-proof, for a long lifetime and with the best ROI.
vusion rail

Marketing at the Shelf

Through SES-imagotag’s VUSION Retail IoT Cloud platform, VUSION Rail manages price changes, campaigns and coupons synchronized with all POS systems. The V:Rail platform is directly connected to the shelves, optimizing processes and enabling unparalleled intelligent operational agility. Engage directly with shoppers at the shelf by displaying creative and dynamic content. Advertize about products and marketing campaigns at the moment of purchase, through a single platform operated in the cloud by SES-imagotag.

V:Rail 60"

An interactive 1920 x 158 pixels full HD display gathered by a 60cm aluminium casing

V:Rail 90"

An interactive 2880 × 158 pixels full HD display gathered by a 90cm aluminium casing

V:Rail 120"

An interactive 3840 x 158 pixels full HD display gathered by a 120cm aluminium casing

Future Proof Technology

With the full aluminum casing, the V:Rail is scratch resistant and is adaptable to any shelf. Having an all-around connectivity makes it a powerful asset for the retailers’ stores managing 2.4GHz, 5GHz & Bluetooth.

Dynamic & engaging content

Eye catching content displayed where decisions are made, now in full HD.

Customer success stories

With more than 200 retailers and 20,000 stores, SES-imagotag is the global n°1 Electronic Shelf Labels company in the world.

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