Jardiland – SES-imagotag


Country: France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal
Sector: garden centers and pet stores
Number of stores: 89 integrated stores and 127 franchised and affiliated stores

Jardiland, a gardening store business case

According to Bertrand Bourguignon, Operational Marketing Director, and David Bourgouin, Store Manager in BasseGoulaine (44), it is difficult to integrate the management of paper price labels into the day-to-day running of a Jardiland store: the need for dedicated resources and the frequency of pricing errors and customer complaints, etc. led the group to consult the leading suppliers of electronic labeling systems.

« We have optimized our price position and slashed the time spent on price display management by three-quarters. »
David BOURGOUIN, Jardiland store manager, Basse-Goulaine (44)

By installing electronic labels, Jardiland originally set out to achieve three main goals:

  • save time for in-store staff
  • have tighter control over margins
  • be more innovative

Why SES-imagotag?
In garden centers, electronic shelf labels must be adaptable to sales seasonality and to frequent promotional offers. SES-imagotag is able to meet these sector-specific requirements, and is, therefore, an appropriate and effective partner: the SES-imagotag solution was chosen for its reliability and ease of use. The Jardiland group was won over by the Easylock mounting system, which is the most efficient in the market and allows the label to be locked on to the rail, and by the reliability of the price transmission system, which uses a very low-frequency radio signal.


  • 6 hours of work saved every week, by changing from a manual to an electronic price management system
  • Better control and management of profit margins
  • Sales performance has improved, ensuring that precise daily targets are met
  • Competitor price reports, which used to be difficult to manage, are now established at least once a month
  • The number of customer complaints resulting from price display errors has been divided by 10

« The SES-imagotag solution has improved compliance with planograms: besides making sales shelves more attractive, the in-store staff is able to make sure that products stay in the right place on the shelf. »
Bertrand Bourgignon, Operational Marketing Director, Jardiland

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