Retargeting by SES-imagotag, a key innovation for LSA – SES-imagotag

Retargeting by SES-imagotag, a key innovation for LSA

SES-imagotag’s retargeting, a key innovation presented at NRF 2016.

Retargeting by SES-imagotag, a key innovation for LSA

LSA, France’s leading magazine specialized in the Retail industry, identified key digital solutions and innovations during the NRF 2016 Big Show. SES-imagotag’s retargeting, a new way for physical retailers to reconnect to potential buyers, is among them.

From LSA’s website:

SES-imagotag (ex-Store Electronic Systems) adds to its NFC-ready electronic shelf labels a retargeting function. A customer connects to the in-store Wi-Fi or via the retailer’s application. During the visit, the shopper can then obtain additional product information by putting his smartphone near the electronic shelf labels. A few days later, a notification will be sent to his phone, linked to browsed products with or without a special offer.

As of now, customer reminders only existed on the internet. Doing it after a store visit is a truly new feature.

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